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Finding Fortuna


I'm Rhu and will probably be the one to keep this blog updated, hopefully Joe will add some pearls of wisdom about the mechanical and technical side of things, he's the one that really knows what he is doing - I'm more of the labourer, organiser, person in charge of the snack hat (yes that will be a hat I knitted that seems to have become the perfect place to keep lunch and snacks safe) 

Never ones to shy away from a challenge and a love of the sea, one of our favourite past-times when we first met was to check out the boats in the poorly corner of the boat yard and wish that we could rescue them all, some people rescue cats and dogs, but for us it happened to be boats. 

Our first boat was a wooden 1962 Atle Folk boat, we owned her for a year or so, but buying our first house together that needed renovating meant that money and time was being focused in a different direction.

Our adventures have taken us to France to renovate and create a get away over there and although we still love escaping over there, we were on the look out for something back in the UK to enjoy as much .... see the Finding Fortuna page 

I have always been involved in a variety of creative crafts and Joe is very hands on with anything mechanical and wood-working, he spent a year at the Boat Academy in Lyme Regis learning all about restoring and building wooden boats, so he is in his element with Fortuna and the amount of work doesn't daunt him. 

We want to do justice to Fortuna and take her back to her original lines, and sympathetically restore her interior and essence back to when she was first refitted from a race boat into a pleasure craft. 

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